Jacki Yorke

I moved to beautiful South Wales from London 14 years ago, and I now spend my time painting, creating ceramics and teaching.

My artwork is inspired by my love of nature and animals and would probably describe myself as a wildlife and hyper-realist artist. I strive to capture those snapshot moments that nature throws at us and most people miss or take for granted; the moments where nature is more beautiful than should really be possible. When the light hits from a magical angle, when an animal holds it's head in a certain way, or when frost glistens on a moss covered stone in the morning sunshine.

Buying My Work

I sell my work in various places.

You can buy it directly from me so feel free to phone or email me. I usually have plenty of work at my studio but only accept visitors by appointment. I am often there so please phone me even if you want to visit at short notice.

I have many Paintings and Ceramic works at Crafts Alive in Llandeilo.

 Visit my Etsy shop here: